Free Demo Class : 

Wisedrive having a group of teachers/experts providing online coaching  

for Telecom services, JEE, BITSAT,KVPY, NTSE,Olympiads and CBSE/ICSE

school preparations from 6th to 12th grade along with study material,test series,

question bank, past year  papers and regular counselling sessions.

We also provide Institutional promotion our plan in summary to understand our mission .

A free demo class will help you to know more about the teachers quality and online platform

benefits in a better way.

To attend free demo class, you just need

  1. Internet connection
  2. Headphone with Mic
  3. A Laptop/Desktop

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(You can speak on +91-80 94 102216 or drop an email at to ask any question or if unable to book the demo class.)


Live Online Classes

We are living in a digital world. The way we communicate, gather information

and perform tasks is changing.Technology has change the process of learning

and education. We are not limited to traditional methods of education.

E-learning is the next big thing for all of us.

IIT JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) and AIPMT (NEET) are two major

entrance examinations for admission into various engineering and medical

colleges in India. Every year lakhs of students prepare for these exams and

almost 90% of them join coaching institutes.

In India, students still reluctant to study online. Why?

Some of the reasons of parents and students for not choosing online coaching are:

  • To understand properly, there is a need to have a physical interaction between teacher and students.
  • What if a student have doubts? In a normal classroom, the student can raise hand and can ask the question.
  • Technology is expensive and hence online coaching is also expensive.
  • In offline coaching, teacher can take personal care of the student.

WISEDRIVE approach for online classes is a bit different.

Our objective is to provide quality education through online platform and breaking the myths

about online coaching classes.

Our online platform for live classes resolve all the concerns of parents and students:

  • Similar to normal classroom coaching: Taking an online class from our platform is very simple. Whenever a class starts, your computer/laptop screen becomes a blackboard and on the right side you can see the video of the teacher. The environment is just like a normal classroom.
  • Two way interaction between teacher and student: It’s not like the teacher speak and student listen only. The communication is two way. There is a chat box where a student can enter his/her doubt or query and teacher will respond accordingly. Anytime a student can request for the audio control from teacher and can ask his/her doubt.
  • Online coaching is not expensive: The fee for online classes is lower than offline coaching. At the student end, a computer/laptop and an internet connection is required.
  • Recordings of the classes: The recording of the class will be provided to students after the class. The students can watch the recordings any number of times they want. If you miss a class due to some reason, you will still have the recording of the exact class that was conducted. This facility is not available in a traditional coaching institute.
  • Doubt removal classes: Along with the regular class schedule, there will be doubt removing sessions from time to time.
  • Saves Travelling Time: There is no need to travel for hours when you have the option of getting quality teaching at your home only. Our virtual platform takes care of connecting a student with our faculties.
  • Access Quality Teachers anywhere: There is no fear of missing the classes if a student is out of station or away from home. Have a laptop and data card with you and take classes from anywhere you want.